Partners and Associations.

Partners and Associations

To support our research and quality focus, ISCM is associated with a number of key expert organisations.

The Academy of Sciences, Budapest
Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics
Dezsö Miklós, Director

Dezsö Miklós is deputy director at the Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics. The Institute is called upon to advise on complex models and to perform quality audits.

droppedImageCorporate Intelligence Consultancy Services (CICS)
Bassem Adnan Al Otaiby, Managing Director

CICS provides quality excellence consulting services in Dubai and in the Arabic region. They assist clients in realising the benefits of excellence programmes, using sophisticated modelling techniques.

Department of Defence – Australia, Capability and Sustainment Group (CASG)
Daniel Kopunic

Daniel Kopunic is a programme director at the former Defence Material Organisation and represents ISCM in Australia. Daniel served as principal research director for the International Centre for Complex Project Management.

Nyenrode Business University
Prof. Paul De Blot

Paul de Blot is professor at Nyenrode Business University. He advises ISCM on the theme of leadership and ethics.

ISCM Foundationiscm_foundation-150
Prof. Dr. John Tesha

Prof. Dr. John Tesha is Executive Secretary of the Africa Forum. He advises on diplomatic relations, specifically to align the stakeholder landscape. Prof. Dr. John Tesha is on the board of ISCM Foundation.

International Society for the Systems Sciences (
Louis Klein

Louis Klein is expert in the field of systemic change management with a focus on social and cultural complexity. His expertise will be used for socio-cultural transformation programmes.

Systems Thinking World (
Gene Bellinger

Gene Bellinger is a pioneer in distance learning on the theme of systems thinking. ISCM encourages participation in Gene’s systems thinking community and certification programmes.

System Dynamics Group
Prof. Kim Warren

Prof. Kim Warren is a leading authority on systems dynamics for strategy development. He is professor of Strategic Management at London Business School. He inspired the ISCM to use system dynamics methods to visualise complexities. He currently serves as external advisor.

Stephan Vanhaverbeke (Partner)

Stephan Vanhaverbeke is an expert in leadership and transformation with a focus on maximising the value of collaboration in organisations. ubeon hosts the ISCM Simulation Centre in Europe and facilitates a number of systems thinking courses and workshops.