Simulation Centre.

simulation-centreSimulation Centre

The ISCM Simulation Centre assists governments, corporations and NGOs to make better informed strategic decisions. Risks and opportunities associated with investments are visualised in scenarios in which all driving forces are considered.

Organisations are increasingly challenged to predict and control the outcomes of their initiatives and projects in complex and dynamic environments. Research has shown that most of these initiatives fail in their first attempt, resulting in costly reviews and painful corrective actions.

ISCM provides organisations with the tools necessary to overcome these challenges:

  • The ViewPoint Model (VPM): A pragmatic method based on systems theory whereby hard and soft systems are combined to provide input to simulations.
  • The Impact Analyzer: Software that calculates simulations and visualises scenarios. Our software processes information on hard and soft systems, making it measurable.

In 2007 ISCM was awarded the Global Strategic Leadership Excellence Award for its VPM method and software.

The outcome of this process is a number of simulated scenarios that visualise the driving forces at play and how they impact on one another. This enables our clients to develop well-informed transformation plans and delivery assurance.

Our partners have extensive experience with the needs of local governments and  businesses.  We facilitate simulation centres in Europe.