Systems Thinking and System Dynamics.

systemsthinkingSystems Thinking and System Dynamics

Within Systems Theory, two distinct disciplines — Systems Thinking and System Dynamics — have been developed as means to deal with complexity, each with its own syntax and modelling approach. ISCM has pushed the boundaries of the field by integrating Systems Thinking and System Dynamics into an integral methodology and software.

Systems Thinking is a causality driven approach to describe the inter-relations between parts and systems. System Dynamics quantifies the impact on the interactions between parts and systems.

In ‘weather-thermo dynamics’ models one establishes the cross-impacts of driving forces of the current weather data (impact dimensions), such as wind direction, wind speed, etc. to depict the ‘air’ landscapes. The inter-play of weather data is played out in incremental movements over time. Step by step, the weather model shows how the changes cause weather to change over time.
— Herman Fouché, ISCM Simulation Center Director

In a similar manner, ISCM performs scenario modelling for complex projects. We use ‘system dynamics’ as the platform to model the interplay of driving forces in organisational, economic and societal environments.

ISCM’s ViewPoint Model (VPM) method and Impact Analyzer software visualise various scenarios, depicting how changes in driving forces impact on desired benefits. This information enables our clients to decide on the interventions required to achieve a desirable outcome.

The ISCM approach acts as an Early Warning System. Now decision makers pre-view rather than re-view.