Simulation example.

simulation-exampleSimulation example

By simulating scenarios clients achieve oversight and insight into complex interdependencies and impacts that may play out over time.

Our research work for Emalahleni — a local municipality in South Africa — is an example of a simulation of three scenarios. The ISCM approach and tools were used to test the impact of the investments on Emalahleni’s sustainability against three different scenarios: 

  1. Maintain the current situation – Identify at which point the municipality is not viable anymore.
  2. Stop migration through incremental growth.
  3. Impact of an integrated drive towards investments and job creation.

The model was used to deliver a series of graphs that illustrate a 20-year impact on:

  • Job opportunities created
  • Unemployed, job seekers, dis-encouraged job seekers
  • Reliance on government grants
  • Income levels
  • Education levels
  • Age distribution
  • Water, electricity and housing needs
  • Profitability of selected industries
  • etc.

Emalahleni example: An integrated approach is required to address the socio-economic welfare of the community. This is however complex to comprehend and require a special approach and tools to make sense of the cross impacts over time.

Simulation is also an excellent tool for testing the quality of a strategy and the accompanying implementation journey. Its visual language enables people to “see” the logic of a strategy – in particular, how the pieces of the strategy “play together”.

The subsequent analysis offers perspectives toward resolving the strategic and operational inconsistencies and putting the project onto a sound growth and execution path.