Impact Analyzer.

Impact Analyzer

The Impact Analyzer software is used to simulate scenarios, analyse patterns and calculate and quantify the outcome of the various scenarios. The Impact Analyzer process and outcomes enable stakeholders to see the intended and unintended financial consequences in an integrated system of a project or initiative.

project-complexity-assessment-michael-cavanaghImpact Analyzer is a software application capable of integrating perceptions, mind-sets and hard data. This software is recognised as
“possibly the most sophisticated assessment tool on offer…”
Michael Cavanagh, Project Complexity Assessment

The value of the Impact Analyzer lies in the reflection of business viewpoints played out over time. It is impartial and uses objective mathematical modelling rather than advisor opinion.

This tool enables leaders to assemble the various complexities at play and to link them with one another. Stakeholders’ realities are re-created in the tool and these different realities are inter-linked with hard data such as policies and balance sheet data. Through this process of assembling the parts of a project or scenario, a shared view of the total picture is revealed. Potential performance of a project can be visualised, acting as an Early Warning System.

ISCM developed the Impact Analyzer to support the ViewPoint Model. Its rich graphic and dynamic reports visualises different scenarios to enable good decision making.

The picture below illustrates the core steps of obtaining stakeholder viewpoints and the Impact Analyzer reports reflecting their views on priority, risks, and benefits for an initiative. The impacts of these intangible views are metricised and are combined with the tangible information, such as budgets, time schedules, fiscal cycles, etc. This to obtain an integrated view of how the initiative or project will perform over time.