Cassandra Workshop.

cassandraCassandra Workshop

The Cassandra workshop is a business opportunity workshop. The outcome of this facilitated process is a well-tested plan for project delivery and stakeholder alignment.

According to Ancient Greek mythology, the heroine Cassandra was blessed with the gift of prophecy. However, she was cursed with the inability to convince others of the validity of her visions. All too often leaders face a similar frustration – they have a vision but the stakeholders are not convinced.

During the Cassandra Workshop we facilitate the development of a dynamic plan based on Systems Theory. Together with business leaders, key stakeholders and project managers participants use the ViewPoint Modelling (VPM) method and Impact Analyzer software to build and simulate scenarios.


Typically the Cassandra Workshop serves as a bridge for stakeholder alignment prior to the kick-off of a major project. The constant provision of an evidence-based approach creates trust and builds the platform for buy-in. The result is a stress-tested plan and a well communicating team.