Leading Complex Projects.

complex-projectsLeading Complex Projects

This programme for practitioners assists you in designing plans with focus on delivering the benefits of your programme as opposed to the traditional focus on tasks and activities.

Large scale projects can be categorised as complex, dynamic systems. They have to deal with multiple interdependencies, non-linear relationships and technical as well as inter-personal aspects. Delays and overruns are the rule rather than the exception on complex projects.

By learning the new skills needed for complex projects, business leaders, key project stakeholders and project managers will achieve delivery and quality assurance. By adopting a system dynamic planning strategy, you will learn to develop the helicopter view, achieve insight into stakeholder and environmental dynamics and how to incorporate these in your planning and assumptions.


Develop robust, flexible delivery plans. You will use our sophisticated ViewPoint Modelling (VPM) method and Impact Analyzer assessment tool to plan scenarios and build simulations to test your delivery plans.

Learning objectives

  1. Apply the scenario planning approach to planning.
  2. Simulate your own projects in terms of benefits, priorities and risks.
  3. Plan projects using a system dynamic approach.